giclee prints - 1

These high quality prints are produced to order on heavyweight (330gsm) Somerset Velvet Enhanced paper with colourfast pigmented inks and are limited to 250 copies.
Image size A3 / 42x30 cm

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Land Army Girls being taught to 
drive a Standard Fordson tractor 
during the 2nd. World War. SPRING LAMBS
2nd. World War Land Army girls in 
a lambing shed with Suffolk lambs. HAMPDENS
Hampden bombers flying over harvest fields 
at Waddington with Lincoln Cathedral in the distance.

The introduction of the Ferguson TE20 tractor 
in the 1950's virtually ended the use of 
horses on British farms. STOOKING
Under a setting sun a reaper/binder produces 
sheaves of corn which are being stooked to dry.

GENERAL SMITH (personalised)
Have your name or a friends
entered into the signboard. MILKING TIME
Fresian cattle ready for milking make 
their way homewards along a village lane.

A pair of horses harvesting with a 
reaper/binder are startled by a running hare. GENERAL SMITH
A carthorse being fitted with new shoes 
on a wet misty morning.

prints ... 25 each

three more pages follow - total 28 prints now available